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Caring for our Health Care Team

The pandemic has brought many stressors for healthcare providers on the frontlines, including PPE shortages and long days and weeks treating and grieving for COVID-19 patients. With the pandemic being an omnipresent force, providers can’t just ‘leave work at work.’ Its stressors put our frontline colleagues at risk for anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, and burnout. That’s why we have included these resources to help healthcare professionals manage work-related stressors and increase resilience.

Cuidado de nuestro equipo de atención médica


Psiquiatras que ayudan a nuestros colegas médicos y estudiantes de medicina de EE. UU. a navegar por las numerosas intersecciones de nuestra vida personal y profesional. Para obtener asistencia inmediata, llame a la Línea de asistencia médica: 1 (888) 409-0141

Resources for our Health Care Team

Quick learning and more in-depth resources including webinars, articles, books and profession practice organization support

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Clinical Resiliency

Building Healthcare Resiliency and Mental Wellness webinar series

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Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation videos for healthcare providers

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The Relationship Between Clinician Wellness And Patient Outcomes

In this episode, Dr. MJ Erickson-Hogue interviews Dr. Lori Weichenthal, MD and Dr. Jay Kaplan about the importance of wellness for medical caregivers and the effect that it has on patients.

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AACN Well-being resources

AACN offers a nurse well-being webpage that offers a range resources on health and wellness topics that may be useful during times of stress or anxiety.

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ANA Video Series

This video resource series for nurses is free and provides support and resources to help nurses assess and support their mental health needs during the pandemic.

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