Caring for our Health Care Team

    Healthcare professionals face numerous work-related stressors that put them at risk for anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, and burnout. That’s why we have included these resources to help with managing stress and increasing resilience.

    Cuidado de nuestro equipo de atención médica


    Psiquiatras que ayudan a nuestros colegas médicos y estudiantes de medicina de EE. UU. a navegar por las numerosas intersecciones de nuestra vida personal y profesional. Para obtener asistencia inmediata, llame a la Línea de asistencia médica: 1 (888) 409-0141

    Supporting wellness during post-pandemic burnout

    This article explores strategies for promoting mindfulness and dealing with long COVID in healthcare

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    Clinical Resiliency

    Building Healthcare Resiliency and Mental Wellness webinar series

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    Mindfulness Meditation

    Meditation videos for healthcare providers

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    AACN Well-being resources

    AACN offers a nurse well-being webpage that offers a range of resources on health and wellness topics that may be useful during times of stress or anxiety.

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    View our self care videos supporting mental health

    Mindlife Webinar series to support the Nursing Community

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