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The patient didn’t read the textbook. As clinicians, we like adages. We rely on them. In January 2020, a new rapidly spreading infectious disease emerged – and the virus did not read the textbook. Also, the virus did not write the textbook. That’s our job, here at Elsevier. We publish the textbooks, journals, and digital clinical content to provide you, as a clinician, with the information you need to provide the best care.

Our Digital Content team has 60 nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and allied health professionals. And we work with a vast network of internal and external authors and editors. Since the start of the pandemic, we have been on high alert, but not as front-line clinicians.

Our superpower is clinical perspective and knowledge translation. Every day our question is: what do you need to know? Which information can you trust to guide your practice? Every person on our team feels the urgency of getting it right so we can support our readers.

We do the work we do because we know how hard it is out there on the front-lines. In this blog, we give a different type of insight, pulling back the curtain and show you the inner workings of a clinical content team. We share with you how we work and who we are.


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