Uniting and advancing your health system in clinical excellence

    How can you unite your health system through evidence-based practice to improve care and optimize clinician and patient experiences systemwide?

    Explore Emory Healthcare’s success story, shared in a recorded webinar and an ebook, for insight that will help you:

    • Set actionable goals to address organizational challenges

    • Communicate effectively across the care continuum

    • Harness the power of technology

    • Overcome obstacles along the way

    • Measure key wins and lessons learned

    Uniting and advancing your health system in clinical excellence

    Read about Emory Healthcare’s experiences in creating a culture of interprofessional collaboration and synchronizing their care teams around each patient’s story for high quality care.

    View highlights video

    Watch a 3 minute video of highlights from the panel session featuring healthcare professionals from Emory Healthcare and Elsevier.

    Request additional information about Elsevier’s knowledge solutions for your care team

    Elsevierʼs clinical nursing portfolio provides comprehensive digital support for nursesʼ preparation, learning and development, day-to-day clinical care, and patient interactions – from the first day of their careers. When you partner with Elsevier for evidence-based content and tools, you can educate, evaluate and elevate your care team to support better engagement for them and better outcomes for your patients.

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