A single source optimized solution to meet every clinician use case more often, wherever information is needed.

    Elsevier’s ClinicalKey is as dynamic as the medical knowledge it delivers and as agile as its many use cases. It streamlines access to the right clinical information in any situation by using the speed of quick answer actionable content coupled with the depth of a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical reference tool. 

    With one solution for every medical knowledge need, ClinicalKey standardizes the evidence-based information available for care teams across all settings and career stages. Clinicians can access the same medical reference tool from academic to professional life, creating a familiar and reliable resource for medical knowledge as they traverse their careers and multidisciplinary practice.

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    Features and Functionality

    ClinicalKey is that comprehensive knowledge discovery and access tool designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and optimize the value of their investment. It offers an extensive range of content, including;

    • Full-text reference books

    • Journals

    • Point-of-care monographs

    • Clinical overviews

    • Drug information

    • Clinical calculators

    • Practice guidelines

    • Customized patient education handouts

    By combining reference content with point-of-care resources, ClinicalKey ensures that healthcare professionals have access to the most relevant and current information across various use cases, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

    What Our Customers Say

    “Before ClinicalKey I was relying on just Trust Guidelines and NICE Guidelines. When I was working on the ward, I was interested in diseases, I would read about them and then reflect later. I believe ClinicalKey offers a better knowledge of topics; it also opens the textbook version of the topic which is amazing.”

    Dr Sonia Intezar, a Trust Grade Doctor working in General Medicine at Plymouth University Hospitals NHS Trust

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    dr sonia step forward

    Instit Jantung cover

    “ClinicalKey is a very comprehensive, detailed, full-text source of evidence-based content from the leading medical publisher in the world, Elsevier. We can be sure that the quality of content is unquestionable. With ClinicalKey we can now access credible information and knowledge fast. ClinicalKey is an advanced curated search engine with filtering functionalities that help us optimize our search and save time. It is a reliable, easy-to-use source for studying research and practice.”

    Clinical Fellows at the Institute Jantung Negara (IJN)

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    “ClinicalKey offers a wealth of medical resources on a single platform, including textbooks, medical journals, videos, images, and learning tools. This makes it easier and more efficient for medical students to access the information needed for their studies”

    Andrés Felipe Quiñónez Moyano, a medical student at the Juan N. Corpas University

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    Andrés Felipe Quiñónez Moyano

    The Importance of Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

    Maximizing Workforce

    The importance of integrating EBP in clinical care and the subsequent impact, its role in workforce retention, the opportunities – and implementation challenges, and how Elsevier Health supports the delivery of high-quality evidence-based care throughout a patient’s healthcare journey.

    Maximizing workforce retention and satisfaction through evidence-based practice: A unified approach (elsevier.com)

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    Your first step in getting the right answers when you need them. ClinicalKey is a clinical knowledge solution designed to provide in-depth, evidence-based knowledge – all from one resource.

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