Trusted drug information drives smart medication decisions

    Elsevier’s Drug Information solutions are built with today’s technology and evidence-based content to empower smart clinical and business decisions. Unique in structure and scope, our solutions bring exceptional patient safety, IT, and operational value to customers.

    • Inform medication decisions

    • Enhance patient care and drug safety

    • Improve drug therapy outcomes

    • Support regulatory compliance

    • Optimize operational & financial performance

    • Empower Smart clinical and business decisions

    Explore Our Solutions

    • Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) delivers manufacturer-reported data, as well as trusted clinical content – all more efficiently and faster than its competitors, enhancing productivity and informing decision-making. Our patient education suite provides consumer-friendly medication information in 21 languages, and disease/condition information in up to 17 languages. Coming Soon: Paperless Patient Education (MedGuides and Leaflets)

    • Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey is a clinical knowledge solution designed to help healthcare professionals find the most clinically relevant answers through a wide breadth of trusted content. With it, your team can get the answers they need to home in on every patient’s needs and confidently guide optimal drug therapy, helping to minimize the potential for errors, missteps, and poor outcomes.

    • Interactive Patient Education includes comprehensive text and video education content spanning the continuum of care. It covers thousands of health topics in multiple languages and accommodates varying literacy levels.

    Health Equity Whitepaper

    As the healthcare system continues to evolve, a greater emphasis is being placed on health equity and social determinants of health (SDOH). Health plans and clinically integrated networks recognize the impact of health equity on health outcomes, resulting in initiatives and programs to meet population needs. Payers, providers, retail pharmacies and other stakeholders are acting on the guidance surrounding health equity and relying on inclusive medication education to engage people in managing their own health.

    Gain insight on strategies to close the health equity gap with person-centric medication education.

    Read the Whitepaper
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