Our nurses have expressed they want to feel valued, safe within their working environment, satisfied with their job and most importantly want to have a work-life balance. But all this is being hindered by the nursing shortages, so we must start addressing this.’’

    Celina Eves, Group Chief Nursing Officer, Vinmec Healthcare System, Vietnam

    We recognize you.

    Hear from our nursing community.

    Janelle Sokolowich Academic Vice President, Dean of the College of Health Professions Western Governors University
    Gerry Altmiller, Director, Quality and Safety Innovation Center The College of New Jersey

    Nurses are making significant contributions to the future of health worldwide.

    Hear directly from the nurse community on why their expertise and dedication are crucial to delivering high-quality patient care and driving innovation in healthcare delivery.

    Key topics affecting nurses in health

    Clinician of the Future Report 2023

    2023 Clinician of the Future Report: 54% of clinicians highlighted the shortage of nurses as the main priority for healthcare

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    Beyond the Bedside Report

    Report: Beyond the Bedside

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    Maximising workforce retention and satisfaction through evidence-based practice: A unified approach

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    Key topics affecting nurses

    Self care

    Access information and video resources to support your self care.

    View our self care videos supporting mental health

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    On Demand: World Suicide Prevention Awareness

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    Beyond the Bedside: How Nurses Can Help to Shape the Future of Healthcare


    The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, driven by several key factors, including a heightened focus on self-care, a growing emphasis on preventative measures, and a drive for a more inclusive healthcare. As these trends shape the future of healthcare, the role of nurses continues to evolve.

    Moderator: Tim Morris, Vice President, Go-To-Market, Elsevier
    Moderator: Danyel Germain DNP, RN, CHSE Nursing Executive & Educator | Vice President, Customer Success | CHIEF Member | Healthcare Simulation Expert

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    Partnering with Elsevier: The knowledge your nurses need to excel

    Educate, develop and support your nurses with clinical information they can trust to enhance patient care and advance their careers. 

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