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    Dr Chen Lei, Professor, M.D., Vice President, West China Hospital, Chengdu, China
    Delve into Dr. Shen's story highlighting the importance of technology and AI, not only in developing future medical professionals, but also in continuously propelling the medical industry forward.

    Shaping the Future of Health

    • Dr. Chen’s Making Healthcare Truly Inclusive

      Dr. Chen sheds light on the hidden challenges faced by women in healthcare, juggling the demands of childbirth and marriage. She calls for a shift towards gender-specific research to address their unique needs and ensure inclusivity in medical practice.

    • Healthcare Without Borders

      Dr. Chen stresses localized healthcare, accounting for regional variations & cultural nuances. Tailoring solutions to specific regions betters patient care, improves outcomes & shapes the future of personalized medicine.

    • Quest for Personalized Cancer Strategies

      Recognizing the diversity of gene mutations and the complexity of cancer, Dr. Shen believes that personalized care is essential to provide effective and targeted treatment strategies.

    • Dr. Chen’s Preparing more future health professionals

      Dr. Chen believes in the holistic development of students, advocating for a balance between acquiring knowledge and nurturing effective communication and interpersonal abilities in their medical education.

    • Dr. Shen’s - How can we equip tomorrow’s clinicians?

      Join Dr. Shen as he promotes a comprehensive approach to education, stressing the significance of balancing knowledge acquisition and honing effective communication and interpersonal skills in the development of medical students.​

    • Students' Aspirations in AI, Data, and Technology​

      In Dr. Shen's video, students share their views on vital skills and training to confront future health challenges with AI, Data & Technology in healthcare. Aspiring professionals aim for cutting-edge abilities & innovation to shape a better future.


    Healthcare is connected to every aspect of society. We rely on highly trained clinicians to keep us healthy using their extensive knowledge and progressively more advanced clinical tools and resources.

    Elsevier Health's global report reveals clinicians' pain points, the skill sets required to provide the best care for their patients, how technological developments like AI will impact medical training and daily practice, and how the industry can come together to address gaps.

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