Elsevier Health sees a future that we’re building together. Uncover stories in APAC where we unite in our reliance on science and trusted medical information; where students become practice-ready professionals; where every patient is treated equally and fairly; where data-driven advancements improve outcomes and where clinicians can identify the most optimal treatment for every patient.



    Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of innovation. By having a diverse group of people create education and solutions that reflect the diversity of our world, Elsevier is helping to lay the groundwork for more equitable healthcare worldwide.

    Addressing disparities in healthcare access remains a critical challenge, despite Japan's stellar healthcare system. Dr. Higashiue emphasizes the importance of taking these exceptional healthcare services global.
    Discover the inspiring journey of Dr. Matsumura, a dedicated physician, as she shares her insights on patient care, continuous learning, and creating a culture of safety in healthcare.​

    Shaping the Future of Health

    • Dr. Matsumura’s Future Healthcare Professionals

      Dive into Dr. Matsumura's thoughts on patient safety, interdisciplinary collaboration, and empowering patients for a fresh perspective on the future of healthcare.

    • Dr. Matsumura’s Making Healthcare Truly Inclusive

      Dr. Matsumura's interview as she highlights the need to prioritize the vulnerable, reform systems, and promote inclusivity for a stronger and more equitable healthcare system.

    • Dr. Matsumura’s Delivering Insights That Improve Outcomes

      Understand the significance of standardizing systems to eliminate errors and information overload, based on Dr. Matsumura's perspective on healthcare improvement.

    • Dr. Higashiue’s Making Healthcare Truly Inclusive

      Dr. Higashiue discusses the role of preventive care in revolutionizing healthcare and empowering individuals to take proactive steps for their health.

    • Dr. Higashiue’s Taking on the Infodemic

      Dr. Higashiue shares thoughts on combating misinformation and the value of face-to-face interaction in effectively communicating healthcare information.

    • Dr. Higashiue’s Delivering Insights That Improve Outcomes

      Understand the importance of incorporating technology and data into healthcare to drive better outcomes. Dr. Higashiue shares valuable perspectives in the video interview on leveraging technology for improved patient care.


    Healthcare is connected to every aspect of society. We rely on highly trained clinicians to keep us healthy using their extensive knowledge and progressively more advanced clinical tools and resources.

    Elsevier Health's global report reveals clinicians' pain points, the skill sets required to provide the best care for their patients, how technological developments like AI will impact medical training and daily practice, and how the industry can come together to address gaps.

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