Elsevier Health sees a future that we’re building together. Uncover stories in APAC where we unite in our reliance on science and trusted medical information; where students become practice-ready professionals; where every patient is treated equally and fairly; where data-driven advancements improve outcomes and where clinicians can identify the most optimal treatment for every patient.

Preparing more future health professionals​


The success of the next generation of healthcare providers depends on efficient, effective learning strategies.

  • Hyo-Rin and Yoon-Jin's Path to Practicality​

    In the realm of medical studies, Hyo-Rin and Yoon-Jin spotlight the indispensability of internships for practical learning, and how technology and digital tools can be an ally in this journey.​

Shaping the Future of Health

  • Hyo-Rin’s Taking on the Infodemic

    Hyo-Rin shares valuable strategies to combat the infodemic in healthcare, including promoting health literacy, encouraging reputable sources, providing guidance, and monitoring information.

  • Personalizing and Localizing

    Hyo-Rin and Yoon-Jin discuss the importance of personalizing and localizing healthcare. They emphasize tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, considering lifestyle, medical history, culture, and using AI for personalized insights.

  • Future Healthcare Professionals

    Get inspired by Hyo-Rin and Yoon-Jin, two aspiring future healthcare professionals, as they explore the evolving field of healthcare. They discuss the role of technology in education in shaping their future careers.


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