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The Elsevier Healthcare Hub is a trusted information center of complementary evidence-based knowledge, research and resources for the most pressing topics in medicine and healthcare. A platform initially developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission of the Healthcare Hub is to provide clinicians with the immediate support they need to make quicker, more informed decisions. In addition, the Elsevier Medical Student Hub provides learners with study tips, advice from experts, Case of the Month challenges and more. Read on and be sure to share these resources with the clinicians and students you support!

Os Principais Tópicos Em Saúde E Medicina Hoje


Explore uma variedade dos temas mais impactantes em saúde e medicina que nos afetam hoje

  • COVID-19


    A doença coronavírus (COVID-19) é uma doença infecciosa causada por uma nova cepa de coronavírus

  • Mental and Behavioral Health

    Mental and Behavioral Health

    Access evidence-based content to help patients manage their mental and behavioral health and find resiliency resources designed to support clinicians.

  • Medical students

    Medical students

    Deixando a faculdade de medicina um pouco mais fácil

  • Diabetes


    Access evidence-based content to help patients prevent and treat diabetes, including drug information, nursing skills and patient education.

  • Hypertension


    Get evidence-based hypertension content from Elsevier’s clinical experts to help diagnose, treat and educate patients to live healthier lives.

  • Obesidade


    Uma doença complexa que envolve um excesso de gordura corporal que aumenta o risco de outras doenças e problemas de saúde.