With Elsevier’s ClinicalPath (formerly Via Oncology), you can incorporate current, evidence-based, multi-disciplinary treatment approaches to support high-quality cancer care. As an integrated part of the decision workflow, you can access resources to surface the optimal patient-specific treatment recommendation, supported by latest evidence, to give confidence and guidance to the care you deliver.

How ClinicalPath can support your institution

Narrow the band of variability in care decisions.

Evidence-based pathways seamlessly integrated into the workflow can support physicians in selecting the optimal treatment for each patient. ClinicalPath’s content is developed through a consistent, inclusive and transparent process, based on the latest evidence and prioritized by efficacy, toxicity and cost.

Succeed in value-based care with a multidisciplinary approach.

With ClinicalPath, you can coordinate consistent care across treatment modalities and support teams as patients move through the care continuum. With data demonstrating adherence to evidence-based treatment selection, pathways support payer metrics that can help institutions improve their position to negotiate and participate in value-based programs.

Prioritize clinical trials in the workflow.

With oncology pathways, you can take the guesswork out of accrual by putting available clinical trials at the point-of-care, increasing awareness for physicians. Incorporating trials into the workflow in a way that studies are prioritized as the first consideration before “standard of care” treatment options can result in an increase in patient screenings.

Join a collaborative network of oncology professionals at the forefront of caring for cancer patients, built on ClinicalPath’s 10+ years of experience working with leading oncology practices.