Supporting exceptional patient safety, IT and operation value

While it’s common to assume all drug databases are alike, in reality, key differences have a crucial impact on quality. Elsevier’s Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) takes a modern approach to remove cumbersome and costly limitations for our customers.

Solve Your Challenges

Supports Patient Safety Protection – Outdated information puts clinicians at a disadvantage when treating patients and could lead to medication errors and increased costs. That’s why Elsevier updates data and makes it available daily to ensure critical information is made available quickly. When a new drug launches or an important change is announced, clinicians can access all pertinent information quickly, avoiding dispensing delays and potential risks to patient safety.

Gain Maximum Speed and Control in Data Integration – Lift the strain on your IT resources. Gold Standard Drug Database is built from beginning to end for ease of integration. And GSDD’s nimble technology lets you control your own update schedule-automatically - based on what makes sense for your business.

Reduce Manual Work and Operational Inefficiency – Use your internal resources for endeavors that drive your business, rather than for fixing drug data problems. Gold Standard Drug Database lifts operational burdens and costs by removing the need for manual effort such as data mapping and creating workarounds.

Elsevier’s Medication Education fosters inclusivity, increases understanding and prompts action by engaging people to manage their health.

  • Engage patients in their own care with customized printable handouts detailing medications and instructions on how to take their medication.

  • Gain compliance with FDA-mandated MedGuide handouts in their proper format and structure to help patients understand and comply with drug regimens.

  • Provide person-centered medication information on thousands of diagnoses/diseases with explanations, symptoms, and treatments to help people manage their own health.

Explore our solutions

  • Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) delivers manufacturer-reported data, as well as trusted clinical content – all more efficiently and faster than its competitors, enhancing productivity and informing decision-making. Our patient education suite provides consumer-friendly medication information in 21 languages, and disease/condition information in up to 17 languages. Coming Soon: Paperless Patient Education (MedGuides and Leaflets).

  • Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey is a clinical knowledge solution designed to help healthcare professionals find the most clinically relevant answers through a wide breadth of trusted content. With it, your team can get the answers they need to home in on every patient’s needs and confidently guide optimal drug therapy, helping to minimize the potential for errors, missteps, and poor outcomes.

  • Interactive Patient Education includes comprehensive text and video education content spanning the continuum of care. It covers thousands of health topics in multiple languages and accommodates varying literacy levels.

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