All Drug Databases are NOT Created Equal

Forget What You Know…In an industry where decades-old technology and delayed updates are the norm, Elsevier’s Gold Standard Drug Database offers a new world of freedom and flexibility.

Expect More…Get the same manufacturer-reported data as in other drug databases and better clinical content – delivered the fastest in the industry through TRUE Daily Update and the most efficiently through superior technology.

Improve Your Experience…with the most accurate and advanced drug data and decision support for integration into health systems and applications.

Unique in structure and scope, Gold Standard Drug Database delivers unprecedented technology, clinical and operational benefits to transform the way you use drug information.

Solve Your Challenges

Supports Patient Safety Protection– Every day, including weekends and holidays, GSDD is updated for new content - including clinical data, pricing and images. When a new drug launches or an important change is announced, clinicians can access all pertinent information that same day, avoiding dispensing delays and potential risks to patient safety.

Gain Maximum Speed and Control in Data Integration – Lift the strain on your IT resources. Gold Standard Drug Database is built from beginning to end for ease of integration. And GSDD’s nimble technology lets you control your own update schedule-automatically - based on what makes sense for your business.

Reduce Manual Work and Operational Inefficiency – Use your internal resources for endeavors that drive your business, rather than for fixing drug data problems. Gold Standard Drug Database lifts operational burdens and costs by removing the need for manual effort such as data mapping and creating workarounds.

Explore Our Solutions

  • Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) pricing tables – Integrated data deliverable to automate your data distribution. Support and address business intelligence needs.

  • Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC) – data science-derived acquisition cost to augment your business analytics capabilities. Actionable insights allowing you to deploy analytic models, rather than build them from the ground up.

  • ProspectoRx – real-time pricing analysis solution and query-builder to facilitate ad hoc pricing analysis without the need of IT resources. Quick answers and sophisticated reporting views via a friendly UI.

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