Nurses are the fundamental foundation of the healthcare infrastructure because we have a job that includes not only our research and knowledge of a patient and their family and the community but really a foundational understanding of the impact that healthcare makes in the community at large and generations to come. “Every interaction we have with a patient, with a family is an interaction in the community as well as a generation of people that will be impacted forever. Their understanding of health equity, their understanding of health and well-being, their understanding of themselves and the decisions that they make and their family.

Janelle Sokolowich, Academic Vice President, Dean of the College of Health Professions, Western Governors University

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Janelle Sokolowich Academic Vice President, Dean of the College of Health Professions Western Governors University
Gerry Altmiller, Director, Quality and Safety Innovation Center The College of New Jersey

Nurses are making significant contributions to the future of health worldwide.

Hear directly from the nurse community on why their expertise and dedication are crucial to delivering high-quality patient care and driving innovation in healthcare delivery.

Key topics affecting nurses in health


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Key topics affecting nurses

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Beyond the Bedside: How Nurses Can Help to Shape the Future of Healthcare


The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, driven by several key factors, including a heightened focus on self-care, a growing emphasis on preventative measures, and a drive for a more inclusive healthcare. As these trends shape the future of healthcare, the role of nurses continues to evolve.

Moderator: Tim Morris, Vice President, Go-To-Market, Elsevier
Moderator: Danyel Germain DNP, RN, CHSE Nursing Executive & Educator | Vice President, Customer Success | CHIEF Member | Healthcare Simulation Expert

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