Strengthen new graduate nurse competence and confidence

    The reliance on new graduate nurses is increasing as the nursing shortage worsens. Yet, 63% of them report not being ready for practice.1 With limited time and resources, how do you support your novice nurses to ensure they are ready to provide quality patient care? Experience immersive solutions that support practice readiness for your new graduate nurses in a safe, yet realistic, virtual environment. Through a strong new grad nurse residency or orientation program, you can enhance satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, patient care.

    Shadow Health

    Strengthen clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication skills with realistic patient encounters in a cutting-edge virtual nursing simulation environment.

    • Encounters with a diverse collection of virtual patients complete with rich personal and medical histories

    • Realistic, free flowing conversations to improve patient interactions and data collection skills (shifting from prompted dialogue)

    • Detailed assessment reports to tailor guidance and support

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    Transition to Practice

    Build professional skills and satisfaction through a supportive virtual nurse residency experience

    • Enhance new nurses' professional skills through a variety of virtual elearning modalities and earn continuing education

    • Open lines of communication between new graduate nurses and their support team with survey and journaling tools

    • Offer timely and tailored guidance and support through actionable insights

    Clinical eLearning

    Provide customized education that empowers nurses to deliver the highest level of evidence based care.

    • Courses are developed in collaboration with leading nursing associations such as ENA, ANPD, AACN, ASPAN, SPN.

    • Evidence-based content provides foundational knowledge for orientation into critical care, perianesthesia, emergency nursing, medical-surgical, pediatrics, neonatal

    • Provides interactivity to build critical thinking skills: interactive role-play scenarios through branching case studies, video vignettes, didactic with interactive knowledge checks

    Set a higher standard of care

    • Promote evidence based practice through realistic, virtual environments

    • Deliver higher levels of patient care through evidence based, consistent nursing education

    • Create a culture of support with flexible, comprehensive, customized learning

    • Increase retention rates with engaging simulation that enhances competence, confidence and satisfaction

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