Ensuring the success of your transitioning nurse orientation program

    Only 50% of nurse leaders believe their novice nurses are ready for work1

    Your vulnerable new nurses impact everything from the well-being of patients to your organization's nursing culture and bottom line. How can you provide them with an optimal transition into your organization? 

    NEW Transitioning Nurse Orientation virtual education - lessons specially curated to:  

    • Decrease the negative safety practices and errors commonly seen by new nurses 

    • Standardize clinical knowledge for new nurses 

      Elsevier’s Shadow Health gives your novice nurses a safe, realistic learning environment to sharpen their clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication skills. With actionable insights, your nurse leaders can pinpoint performance issues to offer support as needed. As new grads become proficient in real-world practice, their growing confidence and competence will make a positive impact across your organization.  

    About this webinar

    When: Tuesday, August 1 at 1:00 pm (ET)

    Speaker: Tammy Purcell, MSN, RNC-OB - Clinical Nurse Executive, Elsevier

    Join this webinar to learn how to support your transitioning nurses by: 

    • Offering safe practice to new nurses with realistic virtual patients 

    • Enhancing therapeutic communication skills 

    • Assessing and guiding clinical readiness  

     Help new nurses strengthen their clinical reasoning and professional skills to build a more effective, empowered nursing team. 


    Tammy Purcell headshot

    Tammy Purcell, MSN, RNC-OB, is a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years of experience in nursing. She began her career in Labor & Delivery and also spent time working in the specialties of Pediatrics, ED, Oncology, Home Health and Hospice. Transitioning from the bedside into progressively more advanced leadership roles, Tammy spent the majority of her career in healthcare leadership including positions beginning with a charge nurse role and ending as a Director of Inpatient and Emergency Services. Tammy then made the move from hospital leadership to healthcare IT where she works to support sales from the clinical perspective. She currently serves as a Clinical Executive with Elsevier and has been a part of our team since October 2014.

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    1Elsevier’s nursing leader training and education study (Mar–Apr 2021)

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