Accessibility Policy

    Making information accessible to everyone

    We strive to empower all people, including persons with disabilities, by ensuring our products and services are accessible and easy to use by everyone. Our commitment to accessibility is embedded across Elsevier and advances our diversity and inclusion vision. We embrace accessibility as a driver of innovation. Accessibility supports different ways of learning and interacting and makes user experiences easier and more efficient for everyone. We are committed to being a world-leading provider of accessible information and services to our markets, including science and health, risk and business analytics, legal, and events, enabling our customers to make better decisions, get better results and be more productive.

    Our Accessibility Guidelines


    1. Develop products towards World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 level AA

    2. Create digital products and services that are perceivable, operable, understandable, robust, and compatible with a range of assistive technologies

    3. Drive product accessibility and usability through innovative use of new technologies, incorporating accessibility requirements from the start

    4. Continually test and incorporate product feedback, including from people with disabilities, to ensure an optimal user experience for all

    5. Partner with external agencies, industry experts, users with disabilities and others to enhance and share our accessibility knowledge, working collaboratively towards providing all content and services in an accessible electronic format

    6. Educate employees on accessibility and disability and its importance to our users and our business

    7. Advance accessibility knowledge by producing relevant books, journals, websites, events, and other products.

    8. Make it easy for customers and users to quickly and openly communicate with us about the accessibility compliance of our products and services

    9. Prioritise suppliers and partners who adhere to high accessibility standards

    10. Track product accessibility progress, including the number of accessibility audits and upgrades

    11. Recognise employees who uphold the Elsevier Accessibility Policy in their work

    12. Maintain an Accessibility Working Group comprised of colleagues from our business units to share best practice and foster collaboration and innovation

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