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Dissecting with Complete Anatomy and ClinicalKey Student


Virtual Lab

Give your students the time to experiment and learn Human Anatomy at their own pace! Perform dissection with an unparalleled view of the human body and visualize it exactly as you would on a fresh cadaver.

Anatomy Dissected: Cranial Nerves

Expert Advice


  • Five strategies for successful online learning: Dr Pragna Rao

  • 3Cs of self-directed learning: Dr Dinesh Badyal

  • The Future of Assessment: Dr Phil Xiu

  • Webinar on Implementation of CBME: concepts, concerns and challenges

  • Talk to the Editors of Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Diseases, South Asia Edition

Getting the most out of Complete Anatomy

Downloadable Content

Give your students the boost they need by embedding these images in your lecture PPTs and making your remote teaching education program more effective and engaging.


Introduction to the Upper Limb

Introduction to the Upper Limb

Source: Textbook of Anatomy: Upper Limb and Thorax, Vol 1, 3rd Updated Edition

Download now


Introduction & Overview of the Abdomen

Introduction & Overview of the Abdomen

Source: Textbook of Anatomy: Abdomen and Lower Limb, Vol 2, 3rd Updated Edition

Download now


Living Anatomy of the Head & Neck

Living Anatomy of the Head & Neck

Source: Textbook of Anatomy: Head, Neck and Brain, Vol 3, 3rd Updated Edition

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Lecture Series

Whiteboard lecture: Significance of Cholesterol by Dinesh Puri

Ref.: Textbook of Medical Biochemistry, 4th Updated Edition. ISBN: 9788131262511

Smart teaching with Animated videos

(Ref. Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, 26e. ISBN: 9788131256954)

  • Mechanism of action Proton Pumps Inhibitors

  • Types of Drug Receptors

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