With Elsevier’s ClinicalPath (formerly Via Oncology), you can incorporate current, evidence-based, multi-disciplinary treatment approaches to support high-quality cancer care. As an integrated part of the decision workflow, you can access resources to surface the optimal patient-specific treatment recommendation, supported by latest evidence, to give confidence and guidance to the care you deliver.

    Proven results for cancer centers

    The impact of evidence-based oncology pathways

    Through the proven results featured in this infographic, learn how cancer centers like yours use ClinicalPath to help standardize treatment, analyze practice patterns, and run successful clinical trials programs.

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    Why ClinicalPath for your cancer center

    A path to predictable and profitable care.

    Evidence-based oncology pathways help establish a clinical habit of considering current, multi-disciplinary treatment approaches to give confidence and guidance to their decision making.  Treatment recommendations are prioritized on the hierarchy of efficacy, then toxicity, and finally cost aimed to optimize care outcomes and reduce variation in care.

    Streamline your operations with pathways data and analytics.

    Data entered into ClinicalPath is captured in a structured and complete manner. Analytic reporting can be used to better understand your patient population, determine practice patterns, and identify areas of care variation. With these insights, you can optimize your operations for better efficiency and more predictable costs.

    Elevate your clinical research program.

    ClinicalPath can help research programs succeed by leveraging oncology pathways that place evidence-based clinical trial information within the workflow. With the necessary support to make relevant trials highly visible to your physicians, you can build a customized trial portfolio that fits your patient population and helps reach your revenue targets.

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