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    Elsevier’s Drug Information podcast series, 2022 features two podcast on industry relative topics. Listen to the podcasts and hear experts discussing Trends impacting the growth of pharmacy and medication adherence.

    Podcast 2: Improving Medication Adherence

    Understanding the factors that lead to nonadherence combined with innovative strategies to address these factors are critical elements for improving medication adherence. While there is not a fail-safe solution to improve adherence, experts agree a collaborative approach tailored to address a patient’s specific adherence challenges will equip patients with the understanding and tools they need to foster ownership, responsibility, and empowerment of their medication regime.

    In this podcast,Steven Le, Elsevier’s Senior Principle, Clinical Infomatics and Christie Welton, Clinical Executive discuss strategies for improving medication adherence.

    Podcast 1: Trends impacting the growth of pharmacy

    Now, more than ever, pharmacy leaders are facing an enormous amount of change and complexity. Because change is constant and inevitable, industry leaders must remain innovative, flexible and be ready to anticipate the unexpected.

    In this podcast,Steven Le, Elsevier’s Senior Principal, Clinical Infomatics and Ken Stewart, Clinical Exective discuss trends impacting the growth of pharmacy and provide a glimpse into the future of pharmacy.

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