Inclusive evidence-based medication information to improve health outcomes for all

    Elsevier Health's person-centered medication education provides easy access to health information for all individuals, helping to improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities, and create a healthier future.

    Our comprehensive medication education, available in 21 languages, focuses on inclusivity, understandability, and empowering each person to act in managing their own health. Our education supports diversity, is sensitive to differences, conveys respect to all people, and promotes equal health outcomes.

    Key capabilities include:

    • Trusted person-centered content developed, peer reviewed and maintained by certified specialty pharmacists

    • Video content for medications, disease, condition, and wellness information

    • Medication interaction checking

    • Medication images and pill identification

    • Customizable technology with everywhere digital access

    Elsevier Health is committed to improving health outcomes by providing genuinely inclusive solutions that are representative and considerate to the needs of all people.

    Please fill out the form to speak with a drug information representative and discover how you can partner with Elsevier to improve health outcomes for all.

    Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our innovation. Watch video.

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