Elsevier is the drug price leader. We exclusively deliver the most current and complete drug pricing and analysis tools to improve operations and performance across the drug supply chain.


  • TRUE Daily Updates – recorded price changes every day, including weekends and holidays, for automatic updates when preferred

  • Entered the same day as received from the manufacturer


  • Current and historical data – both reported and calculated price types

  • Exclusive publisher of Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC)

  • Pricing updates maintained on off market / obsolete products


  • Intelligent Data Architecture – superior data hierarchy offers limitless adaptations, scale, and analysis capabilities

  • Adaptive Technology – delivers pricing data faster to avoid burden of manual updates, data delays and accuracy issues

Explore Our Solutions

  • Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) pricing tables – Integrated data deliverable to automate your data distribution. Support and address business intelligence needs.

  • Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC) – data science-derived acquisition cost to augment your business analytics capabilities. Actionable insights allowing you to deploy analytic models, rather than build them from the ground up.

  • ProspectoRx – real-time pricing analysis solution and query-builder to facilitate ad hoc pricing analysis without the need of IT resources. Quick answers and sophisticated reporting views via a friendly UI.

Evaluating drug data can yield business value