Driving intelligent drug pricing decisions

    Elsevier – the Drug Price Leader – delivers current and timely drug pricing and analysis tools to support business decisions, competitive intelligence, and cost control.

    Maintaining profitable margins on prescription drug sales takes vigilance and price information that you can count on to be accurate and current.

    Delays in pricing updates and product information can seriously affect operational performance. Elsevier is the drug price leader with timely pricing and product information, supporting drug pricing and business decisions across the supply chain.


    • Timely Drug Data updates made available daily

    • Data published upon receipt from manufacture or on effective date

    • Improves performance across the supply chain


    • Current and historical data – both reported and calculated price types

    • Exclusive publisher of Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC)

    • Pricing updates maintained on off market / obsolete products


    • Intelligent Data Architecture – superior data hierarchy offers limitless adaptations, scale, and analysis capabilities

    • Adaptive Technology – delivers pricing data faster to avoid burden of manual updates, data delays and accuracy issues

    Explore Our Solutions

    • Gold Standard Drug Database (GSDD) pricing tables – Integrated data deliverable to automate your data distribution. Support and address business intelligence needs.

    • Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC) – data science-derived acquisition cost to augment your business analytics capabilities. Actionable insights allowing you to deploy analytic models, rather than build them from the ground up.

    • ProspectoRx – real-time pricing analysis solution and query-builder to facilitate ad hoc pricing analysis without the need of IT resources. Quick answers and sophisticated reporting views via a friendly UI.

    Drug Pricing Analytics Brief

    Prescription drug expenditure in the US was close to 378 billion dollars in the US in 2021, as reported by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. This statistic has sparked our interest at Elsevier to delve deeper into drug pricing analysis and shed light on the impact that delivering drug pricing data daily can have on your business.

    Read our Drug Pricing Analytics Brief to gain insight into the significant business implications that can arise from relying on outdated drug pricing data.

    Read the Brief
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