Improve clinician and patient experiences with consistent, collaborative care

The experience-complexity gap continues to widen as nearly 1 in 5 healthcare workers have quit since the pandemic began(1) and patients are presenting with higher comorbidities. Siloed workflows, weak clinical decision support, and inconsistent information aggravate the poor experiences for both care teams and patients.

Your clinicians need knowledge at the point of care to deliver optimal outcomes and meet rising patient expectations. Your patients need to embrace the vital role they play in their healthcare. And everyone needs to understand what’s happened, what’s missing, what’s working, and what’s next to achieve the best care possible.

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When you coordinate across the care continuum with Elsevier’s Care Planning and Patient Engagement solutions, you can:

Work from one patient-centered plan of care

With Elsevier’s Care Planning solution, you’ll support clinical decisions and interprofessional collaboration by providing a single, longitudinal view of the patient and the education materials they need across the care continuum.

Build a personalized education experience for patients and caregivers

Advance patient knowledge and confidence through personalized patient education with Elsevier’s Patient Engagement solution. Your patients can personalize education by modality, language, health literacy and reading levels, and channel to help improve understanding, retention, and involvement in their care.

Drive patient engagement program effectiveness

When patient education is hyper-relevant, delivered seamlessly, and tailored to each patient, you will help drive positive engagement and outcomes. Plus, you can advance your clinical program effectiveness and maximize ROI through patient and clinician usage insights.


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(1) The Washington Post - "Hospitals desperately need staff. But capping travel nurses’ pay won’t help." https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2022/03/14/travel-nurse-pay-caps/