75% of nurses reported feeling stressed in the past 14 days, while 62% also reported feeling overwhelmed(1), according to an American Nurses Foundation survey.

    Nursing is only becoming more demanding, which is why Elsevier is working to help you put trusted guidance where and when it’s needed most with fast, easy access to relevant clinical skills and procedures directly in the workflow.

    Explore 3 actions you can take to improve nurses’ experiences:

    • Personalized guidance for more confident decisions at the bedside

    • Save valuable time with evidence-based skills integrated in EHR workflow

    • Identify where nurses need support, education, and guidance

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    Learn how you can bring evidence-based skills and procedures directly into the EHR, so you can promote a better experience for both your nurses and their patients.

    • Leverage advanced technology which proactively suggests the skills needed during a shift, so your nurses can be better prepared for unfamiliar or infrequently performed procedures.

    • Provide immediate access to a personalized version of Elsevier’s evidence-based information with no log-in required.

    • Utilize detailed reporting to identify knowledge gaps and proactively drive clinical programs.

    Contact us to learn how you can make skills support part of your nurses’ workflow.

    Source: 1. "Nurses are in crisis. Here's how bad it is, in 6 charts." Advisory Board, Oct 2021 -

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