Ensure your nurses are competent and confident at every career stage

With nurses feeling increasingly stressed and overwhelmed (1), nurse leaders aim to create an environment where staff want to work and are committed to stay. Enabling your nurses to learn and grow in their careers can play a pivotal part in curbing turnover and boosting retention.

Your nurses can sharpen their knowledge across experience levels and practice areas with trusted virtual education from Elsevier. They will be able to manage patient cases confidently with guidance on new or unfamiliar skills, and take advantage of resources for lifelong career development. When you support your team with valuable learning opportunities this way, you can help to enhance job satisfaction, retention, and patient care.

Clinical eLearning

Customized education empowers your nurses to deliver top quality, evidence-based care.

  • Content you can trust with courses developed with leading nursing associations including ENA, ANPD, AACN, ASPAN, SPN.

  • Professional development for emerging nurse leaders, including preceptors, to gain teaching, communication and evaluation skills.

  • Specialized education that spans the hospital-wide care continuum.

  • Build critical thinking skills through interactive tools and knowledge checks.

Clinical Skills

Maintain your nursing team’s clinical competency and ability to provide consistent, evidence-based care.

  • Drive care competency with over 2,000 skills and procedures.

  • Support your nurses with fast, easy access to guidance within their clinical workflow.

  • Align with best practices and latest clinical guidelines with content continuously updated in partnership with leading nursing organizations, including AACN, ARN, A.S.P.E.N., ONS, IAFN.

  • Provide continuing education (CE) for your nurses as they learn or refresh their knowledge on important clinical skills.

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