Navigating nursing’s new frontier: Enhancing professional skills in your nurse residency program

    The transition to clinical practice is jarring for today’s new nurses. They learn clinical skills in school, but what about the important professional skills they will need to manage intimidating interactions with their patients and peers?  

    Watch this previously recorded webinar to learn more about how Transition to Practice will help you strengthen your team’s professional skills and enhance psychological safety to enhance new nurse confidence, satisfaction, and retention.   


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    Kandi Helminiak, RN, BSN serves as a Clinical Nurse Executive with Elsevier Clinical Solutions. In this role, she collaborates with health care systems, academic centers and physician practices to reduce variation in care, standardize practice and improve patient outcomes through the application of evidence-based decisions at the point-of-care. Prior to joining Elsevier, Kandi held several leadership roles, where she spearheaded initiatives to improve the quality of care delivered to perioperative and neurovascular patients. She then transitioned to Healthcare Software IT, helping her customers select and achieve successful adoption and optimization of their resources. She has dedicated over 28 years to her passion as a registered nurse.

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    Stephanie Heaney, RN, BSN, CPHQ, serves as the Senior Practice Director for Elsevier Professional Practice Services, part of the Customer Success Team within Elsevier Clinical Solutions division. She a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience in nursing, clinical operations, and healthcare administration in various inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings. She has practiced in psychiatry, medical, surgical, quality improvement, risk management, managed care, and clinical information systems. Stephanie joined Elsevier Professional Practice Services in 2006 after serving for five years as the Director of Electronic Medical Records and Clinical Systems for a large hospital-owned primary care physician group. In that role, she was responsible for developing the IT strategy, evaluating systems, facilitating physician selection and adoption and project planning. Stephanie is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and has over 10 years’ experience leading organization-wide quality and process improvement projects within healthcare systems and for clinical practice workflow and redesign initiatives.​ 

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