The New Normal


    Byline: Jennifer Elenbaas MA, BS, RRT, AE-C, Clinical Editor

    This week’s topic for Daily Rounds is “the new normal.” What exactly does the phrase mean? I won’t try to define the phrase, but I think it reflects that everyone has been touched one way or another by the first wave of COVID-19 and that everyone’s situation and experiences are unique. For me, the new normal means having more questions than answers.

    Will there be a second COVID-19 wave? If so, when? Will I be prepared? How long will social distance and personal protective equipment (PPE) be needed? Will I get sick? Is it safe to go to the hospital? Will I be able to see my family this year? It’s already been too long since I was able to be in person with them.

    Should I send my child to daycare? To school? Is it safe to return to the workplace? To restaurants? Other public spaces? Will I be able to feed my family? How can I protect my family? When will there be an effective vaccine?

    Will the world ever be the same again?

    The list of questions goes on and on. The answers to the questions are different for each person depending on your personal, familial, social, community and cultural experiences, and of course, your location. This week, Daily Rounds introduces insightful articles that may help inform and grow your own personal meaning of the phrase “the new normal.” The intention is to help prepare you for whatever comes next in the waves of COVID-19. At Elsevier, we also hope it reminds everyone that we are all in this together, but differently.


    Jennifer Elenbaas

    Jennifer Elenbaas

    MA, BS, RRT, AE-C, Clinical Editor

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