Elsevier Health sees a future that we’re building together. Uncover stories in APAC where we unite in our reliance on science and trusted medical information; where students become practice-ready professionals; where every patient is treated equally and fairly; where data-driven advancements improve outcomes and where clinicians can identify the most optimal treatment for every patient.​

    From education to practice


    Preparing future professionals for a successful healthcare career means we need to engage students meaningfully across diverse learning environments and focus more on competency-based learning to ensure they are practice-ready.

    Step into the shoes of Brad and Mirah, soon-to-be medical professionals, as they juggle academic and clinical commitments. Despite numerous challenges, they stay hopeful and highlight the crucial aid that technology provides in their studies
    Delve into the inspiring journey of Geraldine, a first-year doctor in Brisbane. From a chance encounter that ignited her passion for medicine to navigating the challenges of studying abroad, witness her determination and triumph as she fulfils her dream.

    Shaping the Future of Health

    • Brad’s Taking on the Infodemic

      Discover the vital role of evidence-based medicine in patient care. Join Brad as he highlights the responsibility of healthcare professionals to provide trustworthy and informed guidance for optimal healthcare outcomes.

    • Geraldine’s Taking on the Infodemic

      Geraldine discusses the challenges of technology in healthcare, emphasising the importance of professional medical advice for accurate diagnosis and treatment amidst the abundance of online information.

    • Geraldine’s Making Healthcare Truly Inclusive

      Explore the significance of diversity in healthcare through Geraldine's insights. Discover how a diverse workforce fosters better patient connections, broader perspectives, and more holistic care.

    • Brad & Mirah’s Preparing more future health professionals

      Gain insights from Mirah and Brad as they share their perspectives on preparing future health professionals, addressing burnout, effective learning tools, and reliable evidence-based resources.

    • Mirah’s Delivering Insights That Improve Outcomes

      Discover the power of multidisciplinary care and streamlined information access in enhancing patient outcomes. Mirah emphasises the importance of efficient patient records & trusted resources like ClinicalKey for effective clinical decision-making

    • Geraldine Preparing more future health professionals

      Join Geraldine as she shares how Elsevier's learning tools prepare future health professionals. Witness their impact on her clinical reasoning development, shaping her into a skilled healthcare professional


    Healthcare is connected to every aspect of society. We rely on highly trained clinicians to keep us healthy using their extensive knowledge and progressively more advanced clinical tools and resources.

    Elsevier Health's global report reveals clinicians' pain points, the skill sets required to provide the best care for their patients, how technological developments like AI will impact medical training and daily practice, and how the industry can come together to address gaps.

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