"At Elsevier Health, we support the development of trusted content and solutions to educators, students, and clinicians – to improve learning outcome by preparing today’s students for successful practice and to help clinicians make better decisions to improve outcome for every patient. In APAC where the medical infrastructure, accessibility and quality of healthcare, local medical guidelines and drug use could vary country to country, Elsevier leverages on both our global assets as well as local solutions to support our users in the region to meet their local needs."    ​

    Lim Kok Keng, Managing Director, APAC Health

    Dr Chen Lei, Professor, M.D., Vice President, West China Hospital, Chengdu, China
    Dr Shinichi Higashiue, Chariman, Tokushukai General Incorporated Association, Japan
    Mirjana Valdes, Bradley William Byers. Fourth Year Medical Students at University, in Australia
    Dr Shen Bai Yong, M.D., PHD, FACS, Chief Doctor, Doctoral Graduate Teacher, Ruijin hospital, Shanghai, China.
    Dr. Yumi Matsumura, Professor, M.D.,Ph.D., Kyoto University Hospital, and Chairperson of The Japanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare (as of May 2023).
    Professor Dr Vishna Devi Nadarajah, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Institutional Development and International, International Medical University, Malaysia

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    Shaping the Future of Health

    Elsevier Health sees a bright future for global health. And it’s a future that we’re building together.

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    Preparing more future health professionals


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    Delivering insights that improve outcomes


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    Making healthcare truly inclusive


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    Personalizing and localizing


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    Taking on the infodemic


    Clinician of the Future report

    Learn more about the state of healthcare and what the future may bring in our Clinician of the Future report.

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