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Preparing more future health professionals​


The success of the next generation of healthcare providers depends on efficient, effective learning strategies.

  • Explore insights from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Pune, India, with VC Prof (Dr) N.J. Pawar, Dean Dr. Bhawalkar, Academic Director Dr. Vatsalaswamy, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shazad Mirza on medical challenges and collaborative solutions.

Shaping the Future of Health

  • Preparing Future Healthcare Professionals

    Discover the future of medical education at D.Y. Patil with Dr. N.J. Pawar, Dr. Bawalkar, and Dr. Shazad, as they unveil innovative AI-driven teaching methods, and other supporting resources transforming how medical students learn and excel.

  • Taking on the Infodemic

    Dr. Bhawalkar and Dr. P. Vatsalaswamy discuss combating misinformation and nurturing critical thinking in students. Their evidence-based curriculum at their university is revolutionizing medical education's future.

  • Personalizing and Localizing Healthcare

    Discover the transformational potential of technology from Dr. N.J.Pawar, Dr. Bhawalkar and Dr. Shazad as they unveil groundbreaking strategies to personalize and localize healthcare, bridging the gap between rural areas and urban slums.


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