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Resilience means having the ability to withstand or to recover quickly from setbacks and challenges. This is a skill that we should have in our toolkit to help overcome challenges that may present themselves throughout life and although we may not be able to control the challenges themselves, we CAN control how we respond to them.

Created for medical and nursing students, this empowering three-part series, presents resilience and self-care strategies to enable you to craft a fulfilling life that supports your ongoing success and wellbeing. These strategies will help you navigate the ups and downs, whilst maintaining balance, perspective and the ability to pursue what really matters to you.

So whether you are a new student, managing the exciting but sometimes daunting feelings that moving away from home and starting university can bring, or you are well into your course navigating the challenges of a full learning schedule with starting clinical placements. This webinar series is for you!


Session 1: Where do you want to go? Starting your medical or nursing degree

Wednesday 27th September, 3pm BST


Session 2: What to do when things get in the way; Self – care during times of change

Wednesday 4th October, 3pm BST


Session 3: How to keep yourself going; building your resilience toolkit

Wednesday 11th October, 3pm BST