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    Anatomical terminology


    Demonstrate normal anatomical position, various planes, relation, comparison, laterality & movement in our body

    Demonstrate normal anatomical position, various planes, relation, comparison, laterality & movement in our body

    Describe composition of bone and bone marrow

    General features of bones & Joints

    Describe parts, blood and nerve supply of a long bone

    Enumerate laws of ossification

    Enumerate special features of a sesamoid bone

    Describe various types of cartilage with its structure & distribution in body

    Describe various joints with subtypes and examples

    Explain the concept of nerve supply of joints & Hilton’s law

    General features of Muscle

    Classify muscle tissue according to structure & action

    Enumerate parts of skeletal muscle and differentiate between tendons and aponeuroses with examples

    General features of skin and fascia

    Describe different types of skin & dermatomes in body

    Describe superficial fascia along with fat distribution in body

    Explain principles of skin incisions

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