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    Medical school is incredibly challenging and requires a unique sort of motivation. But that doesn’t mean you should not look for ways to make your life a little easier. With the right tools and a few tricks, you can be sure you are studying as efficient and effective possible. So take advantage of our 140+ years of experience nurturing scientific and medical knowledge. Grab free content, try new tools and get advice from experienced professionals.


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    At Elsevier Health, we value the insights and perspectives of medical students to guide our innovations and refine our products and initiatives.

    Your Virtual Infotainment

    Learn from seasoned fellow students and experienced professionals

    • Dr. Pragna Rao

      Five Strategies for Successful Online Learning

      The sudden switch to online learning, following the COVID pandemic, has elicited mixed reactions from students. This talk will focus on 5 strategies to help students on their remote learning journey.

    • With Hao-Hua Wu, MD

      360 Degree Leadership

      Join Dr Hao-Hua Wu as he introduces 360-Degree Leadership, addresses the myths and challenges of leading from the middle, and how to lead up, lead across and lead down. After this session, you will be ready to make a difference at any level of training!

    • With Lais Junqueira

      Dr. Mythbuster

      Fact or fiction? Learn the science behind fake news to improve your recognition skills and boost your confidence to help others evaluate their sources. Lais will share tips to improve your patient education skills with fun exercises you can do at home.

    • With Dr. Ximena Alvira

      Tips from Kitchen to ER

      Learn some basic emergency skills from Dr Ximena as she uses common household items and a piece of fruit as her unfortunate patient. Simply watch and learn as she demonstrates the prepping, incision, suturing, and dressing of her inanimate patient.

    • With Dr. Raj Dasgupta

      Can You Reach a Diagnosis?

      You are on placement and have just been asked to see the next patient, can you help? Work to get to the diagnosis and learn clinical reasoning skills from the highly acclaimed doctor, professor, researcher, author and media personality, Dr Raj Dasgupta.

    • With Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike

      Top Tips for Studying

      Biosciences can be tough for medical and nursing students. Hear tips for studying the biosciences from YouTube educators, Dr Matt & Dr Mike. With over 60,000 subscribers on their YouTube and more than 3.4 million video views, you don’t want to miss this!

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