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ClinicalKey is an online tool that helps you develop your foundational medical knowledge and critical thinking skills. ClinicalKey is used in many hospitals across North America and by using it so early in your medical career you will be preparing yourself to not only succeed at medical school but also through residency and into practice.

  • Hundreds of key textbooks including Netter’s Atlas of Anatomy, Robbins Basic Pathology and Medical Physiology as well as many more

  • Advanced search technology with autosuggest offers shortcuts to topic overviews and related clinical concepts.

  • Personalization and sharing features including the ability to create presentations and save and organize content

  • Remote access and mobile app means you don’t need to be on campus to access

  • Includes comprehensive information across 30+ medical and surgical specialties.

  • Clinical Overviews provide concise, easy-to-scan summaries which include evidence-based information, current guidelines, and the latest advances on medical conditions.

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Complete Anatomy

BANNER - mobile - Complete Anatomy & ClinicalKey

Complete Anatomy is the world’s most realistic 3D anatomy atlas. It allows users to visualize detailed anatomical structures by studying interactive cross-sections of 3D models. With full access to a collection of interconnected radiological images, students can explore multiple structures and their spatial positioning within the human body. Aspiring medical professionals are empowered to improve their clinical learning and deepen their understanding of human anatomy throughout their careers.

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