Tip #3: Think like a PRO




Being a medical student means you’re a doctor in training – ‘doctor’ being the operative word here. You’re already set on the path to becoming a doctor, so why not start behaving like one? While you probably shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, putting yourself in the mindset of thinking like a doctor will help you to become a doctor. Here are a few ways to try it out:

Caring for yourself allows you to care for others. Make time for your physical health & mental wellbeing.

Doctors work in teams. You can start with a study group. Finding your tribe in medical school is the best way to survive.

Learn something everyday. Doctors never stop learning, neither should you.

Start using professional tools. ClinicalKey for example. Professionals use it to access the latest medical knowledge, and you can use ClinicalKey to pass your exams and boost your grades.

Med School Survival Tips

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