Tip #4: Go Digital



    SURVIVAL TIP - Tip 4

    Let’s face it, most of your time, as a firstyear medical student will be spent learning, studying and testing. Digital tools, such as ClinicalKey, are designed to make the most out of those precious hours outside of the classroom. By assessing your strengths and weaknesses in each focus area, and providing you with tools tailored for your improvement, this interactive platform supports your quest for academic and career success.

    Med School Survival Tips

    Tips and tricks we collected over the years from medical students

    Survival Tip#1

    Make friends, not rivals

    Class is not a competition, make sure you can learn from others.

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    Survival Tip#2

    Try different ways of learning

    Text books are a rock solid foundation, but there is much more.

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    Survival Tip#3

    Think like a PRO

    Familiarize yourself with the tools and books professionals use daily.

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    Survival Tip#4

    Go digital

    Reap the benefits digital flashcards, notes and bookmarks in the cloud.

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    Survival Tip#5

    Stock up on essentials

    Ultimately it all starts with having the right text books.

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    Survival Tip#6

    Mind your mind

    Your intelligence is your greatest asset, so take take care of yourself.

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