Blood Sweat and Stitches

Your first year in med school is possibly the toughest. Everything is new, the competition is fierce, and you have a ton of knowledge to absorb. But don’t panic. Thousands have done this before you, and with the right tools and a few tricks you can set yourself up for success. Get the books that work for you, give flashcards a try and before you know it you have moved from theory to practice.

Study Skills: Interleaving

This new release gives an overview of interleaving: the idea of mixing, or interleaving, and practicing several related skills together. Mixing up the topics when learning may seem harder, as it can take a bit longer to learn the material, however, the added effort of mixing can generate better and longer-lasting results. After watching the video, download our helpful .pdf to learn more.

Study Skills: Elaboration

This strategy is a little bit more subtle and is something you can think about when trying to take in new material. Elaboration is where you enhance the information of the learning material by relating it to other information that you already know so that you think about it differently. After watching the video, download our helpful .pdf to learn more.

Study Skills: Retrieval Practice

As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect" or put another way, acquiring skills and knowledge takes time and effort. The only way to know if your practice is working is by testing yourself. After watching the video, download our helpful .pdf to learn more.

Study Skills: Spaced Studying

If you are used to the binge and purge way of learning and cramming at the last minute for exams, you may want to reconsider your strategy. Watch the video below and download our helpful .pdf to learn more on incorporating spaced studying into your routine.

Student mnemonics

Mnemonics memory enhancing strategies to help you succeed

Vertebral bodies

Thoracic are heart -shaped since your heart is in your thorax. Lumbar are kidney-bean shaped as the kidneys are in the lumbar area

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T-ten over your belly but-ten; L3 over the knee Sit on Sacral dermatomes

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Lumbar Puncture

To keep the cord alive, keep the needle between L3 and L5!

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Med School Survival Tips

Tips and tricks we collected over the years from medical students


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The Textbook Breakdown

A peek inside our most popular first year titles

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Frank H Netter

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Kumar, Abbas, & Aster

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Abul K. Abbas

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Patrick R. Murray

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