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    What's New with the Flu: Influenza Season 2023-2024

    Tony Prosser, PharmD, Senior Manager, Clinical Drug Information, addresses expectations about the current flu season, including guidelines for testing, treatment, and how the influenza vaccine should be used to protect vulnerable populations.

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    Community acquired CO

    Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Adult


    There are different types of pneumonia. A different type is called community-acquired pneumonia. It develops in people who are not, and have not recently been, in the hospital or another type of health care facility.




    Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Child


    Community-acquired pneumonia is an acute infection of the pulmonary parenchyma that occurs in a child who has not resided in a hospital or health care facility in the preceding 14 days






    Influenza causes seasonal epidemics of an acutely debilitating febrile respiratory illness with duration up to 2 weeks


    Patient Education Videos

    • Why influenza vaccines are important

    • What are the guidelines for influenza testing and treatment?

    • The Importance of Vaccines with Lung Conditions

    • Infection Prevention In the Home

    • Infection Prevention Outside the Home

    • Introduction to Hand Hygiene

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