Obesity and Weight Management

    Elsevier has created the Obesity Healthcare Hub to help healthcare professionals address the obesity crisis. Here you will find clinical resources focused on the latest evidence-based practices for obesity, as well as tools to engage in supportive conversations with your patients.

    Clinical Overviews


    Obese, Adult

    Obesity in adults


    Obesity is an excess of body fat; in clinical practice, this is estimated by the relationship between height and weight (ie, BMI), taking into account age, ethnicity, fluid status, and muscularity

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    obesity children

    Obesity in children


    Obesity refers to an excess of body fat; estimated clinically by the relationship between height and weight, taking into account the age and sex of the children

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    What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the obesity epidemic?

    Nursing Skills

    Body Mass Index (BMI) Measurement (Ambulatory)


    BMI provides an estimation of body fat, resulting in a numeric score. The BMI is calculated by a formula using weight in kilograms and height in meters squared.

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    Patient Positioning: Obese Patients (Perioperative)


    Correctly positioning the patient for an operative or invasive procedure requires the perioperative team to be aware of the physiologic effects of the position that the patient is placed in for the procedure.

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    Bariatric Patients: Intraoperative Care (Perioperative)


    Many issues and obstacles are involved in caring for a patient who is obese. The goals of bariatric surgery are to provide sustained weight loss, reversal of comorbidities, and improved quality of life.

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    Video Education

    Patient Education

    Bariatric Surgery Information


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    Exercising to Lose Weight


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    Healthy Eating


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    Obesity, Adult


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    Obesity, Pediatric


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